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Improvement in the Saddle

Welcome to Big Sky Stables, where a world of equestrian adventure awaits! Our riding lessons are designed to cater to riders of all ages and skill levels, providing a holistic and enjoyable experience with our loved-up horses.

Meet Jasmine

Meet Jasmine Bastarache, a seasoned cowgirl whose name is synonymous with the ownership of an amazing horse ranch in Prince Edward Island, Canada.
With over a decade of experience teaching, Jasmine is a Certified Equine Canada Instructor specializing in both Western and English disciplines. Her passion lies in teaching Natural Horsemanship, firmly rooted in the belief that horses, much like us humans, possess emotions and a deep yearning for connections.

Known for her love of speed events, Jasmine is an avid enthusiast of Barrel Racing and similar activities. Leading a team of riders in Canada, she has been at the forefront of the equestrian scene, imparting her knowledge and skills to fellow enthusiasts.

Big Sky Stables is so excited that she is here with her wealth of experience and dedication to horses. Her tenacious spirit, and years of cowgirl expertise inspires and elevates the horse riding community here in Escamequita.
Schedule a ride or a lesson with Jasmine soon. [link]

Meet The Team

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