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This is our story

Horseback Riding Nicaragua at Big Sky Ranch

Equestrians by nature

In the quaint village of Escamequita just outside of San Juan del Sur is a community of horse lovers at Big Sky Ranch.

Founded by "Blue" Van Doorninck and rooted in her love of horses and Nicaragua, she established a community in 2010 to combine an elegant, eco-tour ranch lifestyle with horse riding adventures via Rancho Chilamate for guests, and has since created a fully off-grid eco-village that is known as Big Sky Ranch that includes the Equestrian Center.  For more information on the Big Sky Ranch eco-village, click here.

Working with the local community is a priority, with nearly all staff residing nearby. They really are the heart and soul of Big Sky Ranch.

Our horses are well cared for, and it shows!  They receive expert training, grooming, quality feed and plenty of space to roam with other horse pals and ranch animals. 

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